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Top 10 Tourist Cities in China

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Planning to travel to China? TopChina Travel lists Top 10 Tourist Cities in China for your reference. If you are confused about where to travel in China, you can find the answer in this page. All these 10 destinations are popular with our foreign visitors.

Top 1 Beijing - The capital and cultural centre of China
Beijing, also called Peking, is the capital of China, the political center of China, the cultural center of China, as well as the key transportation hub of the world. Founded during 700 B.C., it served as Kublai Khan's capital (13th century) and the capital of China (1421-1911; 1949-now).
Forbidden City - the profound Chinese imperial system made Beijing serious and magnificent. The palaces served for emperors and imperial officials will tell people more stories in the past time.
Great Wall of China - which is another culture in Beijing. Each brick of the great wall may tell you a story. Some are happy, some are sad. So Great Wall is a book wrote by Chinese people’s souls and spirits. 

Top 2 Shanghai - The largest city, famed for its riverside cityscape
Shanghai, a city directly under the Central Government, is China's largest city, with an urban population of 9.54 million. Advantageously located, Shanghai is located halfway down China's mainland coastline, where the Yangtze River empties into the sea. An important comprehensive industrial base and harbor, 
The Bund - which will be a must-see place. When walking along the Bund at night, the charm of Shanghai will immediately attract you. It is a fantastic metropolis mixed the ancient and the modern tastes together.
To the west of Shanghai is Suzhou, a city famous for the gardens. 

Top 3 Xi'an - Home of the Terracotta Warriors
Xi'an is the most famous ancient capital in China. With the former name Chang’an, this city served as the capital of Tang Dynasty, the most prosperous dynasty in China’s history. The prosperous Tang Dynasty had left numerous relics in Xi'an. The start of Silk Road, a symbol to trace back the prosperity and the achievement in trade.
Terracotta Army - one of the eight wonders in modern world, is a door for peole to get back to the Tang Dynasty. 
Xian City Wall - is the relics preserved since Tang Dynasty. in ancient time, each city of China built city wall to protect the city away from invasion.

Top 4 Hong Kong - Shopping Paradise
Hong Kong is reputed as “the pearl of oriental country”. This bright pearl is shining all the time with its unique night view. Also, Hong Kong is called shopping paradise because of the numerous brands shops, and food paradise because of the countless snacks.
Hong Kong Disneyland will bring people back to the childhood, playing with superstar that found in Disney cartoon.

Top 5 Guilin - Scenic city with sensational mountain and river scenery
If you plan to savor the most beautiful natural scenery in China, you should pay a visit to Guilin. With the unique Karst geography, Guilin just looks like young lady that quietly sitting on the northern China. 
Li River - world’s famous river from Guilin to Yangshuo, includes the most charming sites of Guilin.
Yangshuo West Street - would be a good choice to spend your nightlife in Guilin.
Longji Rice Terraces - which is a magnificent scene to show the intaligence of human. The field is planted along the mountain ridge 

Top 6 Guangzhou - A prosperous and liberal city near Hong Kong
Guangzhou is a hot destination because of its convenient transportation system. It is called “The City of Ram”. Guangzhou attracts thousands of people who are interested in its strong regional culture, long history, its affecting and beautiful legends.
Chen Family Temple - is the key historical site which entirely show Guangdong’s extraordinary folk architecture
Shamian Island - is a popular attraction for domestic and overseas tourists. 

Top 7 Lhasa - "Land of the Gods"
With a history of over 1,400 years, Lhasa is the capital city, the political, cultural and religious centre of Tibet. It is a charming land that boasts abundant historical relics and enjoys superb natural environment. In another word, it is an ideal destination for people who wanna explore the unspoiled ethnic culture, livid folk custom and spectacular natural scenery, etc.
Potala Palace - it is a spectacular castle-like building complex that used to be the unification centre of political and religious of Tibet. Built against the Red Hill, this construction expresses perfectly the inner core of Tibetan architecture and also culture - steady, dignity, predominance and magnanimous. In 1994, it was listed into the World Heritage List by UNESCO. 
Jokhang Temple - is located in the center of old Lhasa city, with the Barkhor Street surrounded, formed the "heart” of ancient Lhasa., which occupies an unchallengeable position of Tibetan Buddhism.
Sera Monastery - is one of the grand three monasteries in Lhasa. The intense Debating on Buddhist Doctrines held everyday afternoon would be the very special activity one could not miss. 

Top 8 Chengdu - Hometown of Giant Panda
Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, has been recognized as “an important central city in Southwest China” by the State Council since 1999. Its civilization of over 3,000 years left Chengdu with various cultural heritage. Chengdu is one of the first 24 famous historical and cultural cities in China rated by the State Council and awarded the Best Tourism City in China by World Tourism Organization and China National Tourism Administration. Besides the renowned scenic spots inside the city,
Chinese giant panda is a world’s superstar because of its lovely behaviors. Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding let people to get close distance with this lovely animal. 
The ancient architecture Dujiangyan Irrigation System is a historical book for people to trace this city in the ancient time.
Chengdu is a transportation hub for travelers who plan to Mt. Emei and Leshan Giant Buddha, and to Jiuzhaigou Valley and Huanglong national park. 

Top 9 Hangzhou - Beautiful city with lake view
Hangzhou was settled as early as 4,700 years ago, thus giving birth to the aurora Liangzhu Civilization. One of the seven ancient capitals and the key scenic tourism and historical culture cities in China, Hangzhou once was applauded as "the most splendid and luxurious city in the world" by Marco Polo, the Italian traveler in the 13th century.
West Lake can be regarded as the soul of Hangzhou. There is a poem to describe West Lake like this:
Rippling waters shimmering on a sunny day,
Misty mountains shrouded by the rain;
Plain or gaily decked out like Xizi;
West Lake is always alluring
Lingyin Temple is regarded as the spirit of Hangzhou. It is famous as one of the top ten Buddhist temple in China. Make a wish in the temple and wait the dream come true.
From Hangzhou, travelers can begin Wuzhen Water Town trip. 

Top 10 Lijiang - famed for UNESCO Heritage Site, Old Town of Lijiang
If you are looking for a romantic love story, go to Lijiang; if you are tired of the working days, go to Lijiang; if you are planning to know more about Naxi ethnic culture, go to Lijiang. Located at the northwest part of Yunnan Province, Lijiang Old Town is one of the well-preserved ancient towns in China and has enrolled on World Cultural Heritage List in 1997.
Jade Dragon Snow Mountain – it is a botanist's paradise, a “kingdom of medicinal materials".
Lugu Lake - the Last Matriarchal Society.
Yufeng Temple - it is the witness of the peaceful coexistence and syncretism of multinational cultures and religions, and still plays a very important role in acculturation of Naxi Ethnic Group. 

Those are the top 10 most famous tourist cities in China. Places like Beijing and Shanghai is must-see sites while you are planning your first trip to China.

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